A Charmed Life

I have lived a charmed life.  Loving family, graduated college, amazing husband, wonderful daughter, the whole kit and caboodle so to speak.   I'm healthy, happy, and in fact, a bit lucky.  No, I've never won the lottery or anything like that, but ever since a very young age, I've been able to sense things before they happen.  Not big things, and not all of the time, but I have saved myself more than a few times from getting in trouble, getting hurt, and missing something important.

My first memory of this is from when I was 8 or 9 years old.  Back then, we had the run of the neighborhood.  We knew our boundaries, and during the summer,  we would just head out for the day.  Riding bikes, playing kick the can, whatever anyone was up for, we did.  One afternoon, we played hide and go seek on our bikes.  Someone was 'it' and the rest of us would ride away, throughout the neighborhood, and we would have to hide ourselves, and our bikes.  I had found a great spot, in between a row of hedges.  I thought I could back in, and then when the person rode past, I'd be home free.  So I'm on my bike, with the flower banana seat of course, and I'm using my feet to walk back in between the bushes.  I'm not quite far enough in, and I'm about to scoot back another step, when it's as if someone taps me on the shoulder.  I stop, turn around, and there is a huge hill behind me.  If I hadn't looked, and just continued backing up, I would have been in a heap at the bottom of that hill, plenty banged up for sure.  Even at that  young age, I was able to appreciate, that, 'wow, I'm pretty darn lucky.' 

That event helped me to listen to my gut instinct throughout my life.  I believe on some level, we all have this capability, but we typically ignore the feelings.  That pang in your stomach for no reason?  It usually  means something.  Be aware, take a breath, and believe it when you are tapped on the shoulder by no one.  The universe is in fact trying to tell you something.


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9 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Thank you for sharing us this wonderful story of yours! : ]

LOL I could be that fairy, Taken! I'm li'l anyway. ;)

Ooohhh...love 'charmed'...I so appreciate this big time...I like to believe that it's my fairy that nudges me from time to time and save me from hell knows what. Trouble is, I don't often listen. LOL ;)

Awesome story and it isn't just you, but the people around you who are very lucky indeedm takenheart!

I enjoyed your story, thank you! :)

I loved your story too! I enjoyed going back when neighborhoods were so much fun and kids had a lot freedom. <br />
<br />
I've always had premonitions, and was so thankful to whatever or whoever was guiding me.

Very true !! :)

Lovely story takenheart. I often have premonitions - I understand very well what you're describing.

Beautiful story my friend. ((hugs))