My Daughter's Wedding!

Well, everybody, the evening has now come and gone!

My Daughter was absolutely stunning!

Although the rain held off,it was such a windy day!

The bridal party was as spectacular as the bride!

A streeeeetch Limo took us to the gardens and then on to the hall,

although I was kicked out to let the bridal party in!..

I had to slum it in a Holden Station Wagon!

It was a perfect reception!...Everyone mingled and the speeches

were good! (Especially mine!)

By 11pm, I was on the way home!

A good night was had by all!


mzdivine mzdivine
4 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Post a couple of pics! I am glad it turned so well and you had such a wonderful time!

Thank you, Evania!

congratulations :-)

Thanks Sis!...An Unforgettable day!