Do Not Know Where To Turn Or What To Think

We have always had sleeping issues with my older daughter.  She is 2 years old.  She would wake in the middle of the night violently shaking her lags in the air.  She would not sleep at all, and would keep my hubby, me, and her younger sissy awake all night.  Then she began having night terrors. 

Night terrors were explained to me this way.  Nightmares you wake up from before the bad thing happpens to you, where in night terrors you do not, you see yourself attacked or killed, whatever it may be.  I have night terrors still till this day and have since a child. 

My daughter has now been on valium (toddler stregnth) for almost 2 weeks now.  It has done a great deal of help.  She sleeps so well, comfortably, and peacefully.  We have an appointment with a pediatric neurologist this coming Thursday.  we are most likely going to have to do a sleep study, which is fine.  They are starting to think though that there my be a chemical inbalance now too in her.  During the day she has these attacks of rage.  adrenaline ran rage attacks.  I can not stop her.  I kept blaming terrible 2's, jealousy of a younger sister.  I said something to her pediatrician, and he agreed with me that this is way out of the realm of the terrible 2's or jealousy. 

Did I make my baby sick and pass on down to her (already at the age of 2) the mental illness that runs in my family?  I have read up that they are finding chemical inbalances and mental illness in children much earlier on, even as early as her age now. 

I am just scared and do not know what to think, do, how to do anything.  i hate doping my lil girl up on valium every night.  i dont mknow and can not think to do anything but what I am guided to do ny my doctors. 

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

Has anyone been through this with their children, or know anyone that has? can anyone direct me as to where to go. We have the neurologist appt on thursday, and all they will do is put her through a gammit of tests. i am scared 4 her.