Feel Like I Have So Many Personality Abnormalities...

I have been hurt a lot in my life, maybe that is why I have so many personality abnormalities. Going by my own thoughts and what others have said on here, I can think of a number of disorders I may have. Yes, I know. Most people who do online tests will score highly in certain areas such as avoident, paranoid and histronic...but I feel like I am so messed up and broken that I match almost everyone.
I feel guilty for my thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I feel anger and shame at myself and also guilt. Great guilt.
I feel so broken on the inside that I am thinking that it is now coming across as I don't know how to hide it any longer.
I feel like I need to aplogize to everyone I know for simply being me as maybe I have brought pressure, shame or upset to them without knowing and I am sure I have looking at the completely abnormal person that I am.
Sometimes I just want to curl up into a ball and cry with shame.
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1 Response Jun 17, 2011

Oh how I totally can relate to all of the above. <br />
They say life was not meant to be easy but I never the thought that the pain would be so unbearable at times.