I was so lonely today. I couldn't take my hand off my ***** all day. It was wet and tight for hours. I really needed someone to stripp me and take me. No one is home yet. Someone come and help me!
sophhieee sophhieee
22-25, F
27 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Let me see

I will


I am down to see it

I will help you

and that is what I love so much about you... :)

Wow love to and eating pie

I would love to eat ur *****

I would happily come over and take you. Add me

i would love to

Would love to. ;)

I got chu baby girl ;* ./**** pic ? Just ask;*

Im a friend just call

Time to slip down your g-string..revealing your wet *****...and then I unhook your bra...your nipples are hard I immediately suck on them....as I slowly move down your body to your *****..to lick and caress with my hands...

Msg me id love to help you

Wopuld love to help !

i think u can go and knock ur neighbor's door up .. and ask him to **** u hard.....

Be my absolute pleasure ;-)

If only I knew you were wanting, I would come to you.

coming right over!

Add me. Wanna message you some hot stories that I know you will enjoy.

wow anyone home now?

Dry you off with my tongue

May I see?

Message me beautiful

********** I'll rub ya

Hmm.I would love to