Big Mistake

Yesterday me and my friend were caught with a little dope and we were arrested.there is a trial on tuesday thts 2 days away...i am so scared i cant sleep.I feel sick.I feel like im shrinking.its like for every heart beat my whole body shivers.Omg im really freaking out.So scared!!!!!!!!!i just hope they let us off .. omg this weekend was suppposed to be soo much fun bt now its hell!!!!!!!i feel sufocated..ARGH!!!!! i just wanna forget this,, bt i cant its ever where.Im shaking just as i type this. :'( :'(

stopworring stopworring
18-21, M
2 Responses Nov 1, 2009

Hope you learnt from this!

Well, you had an illegal substance and got caught with it and now you have to go to court so it's perfectly natural that you are responding with worry and anxiety.<br />
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Maybe you can look at the siituation and think that it's a good thing it was "a little dope" and not a large quantity that might carry a really stiff penalty. Maybe you can look at the situation and think "ok, this is a wake up call to stop taking silly risks; it's not worth it". <br />
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It seems the best thing you can do is present your most presentable and respectable and humble self when you have to make your court appearance. Hopefully, this is your first offense and they will decide that you are a low risk offender and you will get off with a small fine and stern words letting you know that if there's a next time, things won't go so smoothly.<br />
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Try to collect yourself, and prepare yourself for the worst but hope for the best. I hope all goes well. If you get a slap on the hand, I hope you'll take some time to reflect on how you got to that place and maybe make some changes in your life so you won't end up there again! Good luck!