Can't Believe It

But I am sober, I've been sober for three months almost four. I really can't believe it if someone where to ask about four months if I would clean up I would of just laughed in their face. Because I had no plans of cleaning up and staying away from it. I feel like a person now, I feel all of my emotions, I can think of normal things because when I was all strung out I didn't think about anything really not even about myself. It's hard but I'm getting better at it the cravings are getting easier to fight. If I were to tell someone who wanted to clean up I would tell you to just keep at it and you will get there eventually.
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5 Responses Jul 26, 2010

hi there i also quit drinking 5months ago i know all u r going threw with fighting the urge and kicking yourself in the *** for quiting and for wanting to drink ive been going threw the same pain.add me as a freind and maybe we can help eachother.good luck and stay strong

It's hard thing to do. Congratulations!

Thanks everyone it's so hard everyday to fight the urges but I do.

I hear you and join in the congratulations! My date is March 1!

Congratulations =] thats really awesome. Getting sober is definitely a hard thing to do especially when you're young (if you're age on here is right anyways) Keep at it. remember the pain from the beginning and fight like hell to stay sober. <br />
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Are you going to a 12 step program or just doin it on your own?