Alcohol Reduces Your Use To Others.

I have been sober for several days. I think that alcohol poisons the brain even when your alcohol titers are low. You get shaky and nervous in situations where you normally drink and are compelled to imbibe. Then one day someone says something and you realize you are not in a good place.
Then you quit. Most likely you will not go into DTs. Just clear the house of it and drink water with your friends. If they are not cool with that they are not your friends. There are scads of a--h---- in the world but it does not mean that you have to be one to deal with them. They will get there final justice without you. Just look after yourself. Find someone who really needs you and concentrate on making THEM happy. What a novel thought to someone who is actively boozing. It does not occur to you.
I crave being sober. But does that mean that all the time you spent in the throes of alcohol addiction were spent in vain? Yes, because all is vanity.
Get real.
You get so lazy living from one alcohol high to another. Your neuro-cortex is so captivated by the high times that you neglect the natural highs which comes from having a clear mind and physiology and spending good times with other beings.
You would not ********** in public. That is what drinking is, trying to reach
a brain ****** via substance abuse.
BenStar28 BenStar28
Dec 7, 2012