I'm A Socialist Because I Believe In A More Fair World.

Capitalism is like a competition. Competitions are fine, but only when they are fair. Capitalism isn't.

Some get a starting-kit which consists of a healthy body, top-notch nutrition, top-notch education, near-perfect safety, well-educated, loving and caring parents, heaps of cash, world-class healthcare for free, and a wealthy well-run economy with essentially zero unemployment to start out in.

Others get frail health, hunger and famine, very little education at all, one of the highest rape and murder-rates of the planet, parents whose biggest concern is where to get the next bottle, no cash at all except for what they themselves can earn - which due to aforementioned lack of education is in practice limited to prostitution or crime, and a corrupt poor crime-ridden country with no jobs and hordes of unemployed to compete with.

Then we compete, and pretend it's fair that the former person lives a life in luxury, and the latter wonders where her next meal is going to come from. I know, because the first person described above, is me - and everyone I knew up until recently. The second person is a penpal of mine from South Africa.

Socialism, to me, is about leveling the playing field. I realise it'll never be perfectly even, but we can and should improve the situation a lot. We should give everyone access to healthcare. We should give everyone access to education. Everyone should have a roof over their head, and food on their table.
agrajag75 agrajag75 31-35 Dec 26, 2011

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