I'm A Socialist Because I Believe In A More Fair World.

Capitalism is like a competition. Competitions are fine, but only when they are fair. Capitalism isn't.

Some get a starting-kit which consists of a healthy body, top-notch nutrition, top-notch education, near-perfect safety, well-educated, loving and caring parents, heaps of cash, world-class healthcare for free, and a wealthy well-run economy with essentially zero unemployment to start out in.

Others get frail health, hunger and famine, very little education at all, one of the highest rape and murder-rates of the planet, parents whose biggest concern is where to get the next bottle, no cash at all except for what they themselves can earn - which due to aforementioned lack of education is in practice limited to prostitution or crime, and a corrupt poor crime-ridden country with no jobs and hordes of unemployed to compete with.

Then we compete, and pretend it's fair that the former person lives a life in luxury, and the latter wonders where her next meal is going to come from. I know, because the first person described above, is me - and everyone I knew up until recently. The second person is a penpal of mine from South Africa.

Socialism, to me, is about leveling the playing field. I realise it'll never be perfectly even, but we can and should improve the situation a lot. We should give everyone access to healthcare. We should give everyone access to education. Everyone should have a roof over their head, and food on their table.
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1 Response Dec 26, 2011

I couldn't agree more. I am from the United States. I once had all of the opportunities until I got laid off my job and now it is a vicious circle of temporary work and trying to avoid being evicted. The building I live in got sold and new owner is raising everyone's rent $650 higher.

Yes. People pretend that the system is fair, but in reality pure dumb luck is more important than hard work. For example pure dumb luck with having the right parents and being born in the right country.