Workers Unite, You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Chains

I read The Communist Manifesto and Utopia in high school.  They both had an affect on me.  I have read plenty of other fiction and non-fiction with capitalistic and theocratic themes.  I wrestled for many years trying to decide what I felt was most aligned with what my dreams for humanity are.  I came to the conclusion that I am a socialist, though most of my friends think I believe more in extremely regulated capitalism.  I find that people discuss the details, but rarely ask the questions that define their reasoning on the details.  We discuss what we want in terms of education, medical care, and social law.  I can usually predict what they will say to those questions if they answer two things.  What is your goal by living in a society and having a government?  What do you feel is your obligation to your fellow humans?  My answer is that I want society to exist in order to enable mankind to reach their highest potential and to evolve socially.  I feel an obligation to assist in providing everyone with the means to reach their potential.

In practical terms it means many things.  I don't mind the idea of paying high taxes so that we can have free education and socialized medicine.  I don't mind waiting for specialized medical care so that poor children can have check-ups and medicine they need.  I don't mind the idea of everyone getting paid the same hourly wage, no matter what their job is.  I don't mind the idea of living in communal settings where none of us have back yards, so that we can have public parks.  I don't mind giving up what makes me have a high standard of living so that other people can have a base standard.  I don't mind being equal rather than being special and privileged.  If my friends make less money, of course I will pay for our communal meals.  If my brother is too young to work, but I am not, of course I will spend the money to make sure that he has what he needs. 

I know that I am completely radical and different in what I see as the purpose of life and having a society.  I also never said that everyone will wake up one day and see life as having the same purpose as myself.  If an ideal doesn't seem like it will ever be reached, does that mean you should just stop striving for your ideal and dreams.  I live my life in a way that follows what I see as the ideal and that is all that each of us can do.

I am sharing my experience and why I believe the way that I do.  I am not here to convince anyone, but I would enjoy seeing how other people answer the two questions.

Krypton Krypton
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wow. guffaw!! such a eloquent, earnest statement marred but such attacks...and this, after i have recently explained to my partner here in spain that people in the US would not react so negatively to concepts of socialism, that such angst was of a different era, old, buried in the past. boy was i wrong.

I'm sorry... I get quite angsty toward "those ones"... I guess I should just let it be and stick to the reality that Obama won and not McCain. The way I see it with the current financial crisis, with all the debt, credit and failing economy, there is no real purpose to money. People shouldn't need to get paid equally or get paid at all. If everyone contributes and their needs are provided for, everything should be fine. If you want a little extra in life, make something extra to give back.

How sad that this story has to be dirtied up with with vitriol. Passions run high, but the debate, er, argument, is lost with name calling and empty rhetoric. This is exactly why many people stay away from commenting and a well stated story gets hijacked. There is some very good and civilized discussion here, as well (thank you to those who offered intelligent, sound comments and we can all see who they are.) Let's get back to Krypton's story, answer his questions and allow respectful debate.

The problem is that most of the individuals who don't want to see National Healthcare believe that they have no responsibility towards their fellow humans. As long as they work hard and their own children have healthcare, that is truly "good enough". That is the reason that the core goals for a society have to be examined.

The kneejerk reaction is what prevents anyone from having meaningful dialogue. I simply want to know the answer to my questions. Then you have the question of how to live with people that answer those questions differently. Should we all migrate into small communities of like minded individuals? Should we ultimately have a New World Order? If people can rise above and become as rejecting of greed as the Star Trek characters then I am all for the second one. That is the hope though and obviously not the current state of our evolution. At the current time, perhaps the first is the best for the goals that I see.

The kneejerk reaction that people have towards socialistic ideas... it's strange. I think in their minds they must imagine the democratic socialists of Europe today with the regimes of Hitler and Stalin... It's completely ridiculous but it might explain the venom that people attack ideas like universal health care with.

I admit... I find it all bizarre.

well, dracena, don't be shy. Tell us how you really feel lol. <br />
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In all seriousness, it was pretty humorous to read Krypton's well reasoned story and then go from that to the comments by cannondale and orien... and then their comments earned the angry comments by dracena. *sigh*

all that aside... I agree with the fluffy and gay ponderings of Krypton which actually involve people caring about each other. What I find funnier about the people bitching about wanting the money they work so hard for is that they probably don't have much and live in some sleazy single wide with a pregnant 14 year old. They think they are living the american dream because they have been brainwashed to believe everything is going to be fine and God has it all under control. Wait til God farts and blows your tin can house down.

America, home of the brainwashed beer drinking, gun toting, God loving, wife beating, blue collar home boys who cant tell their wife's *** from their dog's on a good day. Let's not forget the hordes of homeless PTSD veterans forced to panhandle on the streets because BUSH didn't do **** to help them in his 8 years. I'll pick up a gun and shoot your sorry redneck *** right in the mouth if it means I don't have to hear your ignorant McCain loving bullshit ever again. **** you, you ******* turtle pansy.

There is a huge difference between socialism and communism, as a heads up. I do not believe in running from problems. I believe in dealing with them. I would rather work to make a more productive and beneficial society for everyone, than simply moving to a group that has already put it in place. This is home to all of us and discussing ways in which it can improve is a plus for everyone involved. Anymore name calling dribble will be deleted.

I know that I am probably feeding trolls by mentioning this, but Krypton and I are probably more in step with the body politic in this country than either of you are so perhaps you might be the ones who should consider emigrating. Lets see, you want a country for rugged individualist who don't give or get help from others in the community and will defend and take what they think is gun point if necessary. And of course no pansy *** public health care either. I've got it! The utopia you are looking for is in Somalia and those other East African countries. BTW check out this link to see a video about Norwegian health care and how they handle other social issues. After eight years of Bush, it looks like Nirvana.<br />
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I mind...get the h*** out! China, France, Canada, England or Russia would suit you just fine.<br />
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It is not OK to sit on one's *** and be paid the same as those who worked for it. If I saw a trespasser in my yard...his socialized health doctor better be good at removing bullets...<br />
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What a pansy *** nation we have become.

Get yourself a ticket to China. It is supposedly a capitalist country, at least all the US corporations think so. Get us a ticket to Norway or Sweden instead. Go back to your Fox News and Koolade.

It doesn't sound radical to me, it sounds like common sense. Socialism to me seems more like demonstrating politeness and courtesy toward fellow human beings. There is nothing really altruistic or compassionate about it. It is the minimum standard that should be expected of us.