I Is Socially Awkward And Creepy

I have always been socially awkward, I used to not talk to people. Then in first grade I believe I started only talking to people when they asked me a question or were directly talking to me. Now I try to talk to people but I never know what to say. I think that sometimes my socially awkwardness comes across as creepiness. I'm not trying to be creepy it just happens. another thing is that I do not get it when people make jokes, I never know what to say. Sometimes I don't know if they are joking or not, so I just smile and nod. How is 'I need ketchup' a joke?

When I was little my family moved about every three years which might have something to do with my socially awkwardness, and it alway took me about a year to make any friends. The friends that I did make were always the outcasts at school or church, they were not such a great influence on me.
an example of my socially awkwardness, is that I had a crush on this guyin one of my college classes. I tried talking to him a couple of times, but did not know what to say, and ended up making fun of him. Later I wanted to ask him out so I followed him out of class with the intentions of asking him out but got nervous and ended up not saying anything to him, I did that a couple of more times. I am pretty sure he thinks I am creepy and insane now, so I'm just gonna stop trying. Everything I do turns out wrong and I do not know how to fix me.

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I am so awkward and ppl think im creepy too

I am also very socially awkward, i don't relate to anything ppl are talking about and i have no input into the conversation. I never have anything to say anymore and I definitely can't make conversation.

you are definitely not alone on this. i am so damn socially awkward its ridiculous.<br />
i only speak when spoken too, and then i fumble my words.i got lucky in my last math class i took, i meet this cool guy, who is i kind of had alot of in common with him, wich is was kinda creepy,but very cool. i made a new friend outta that class. and passed it with a b!.....<br />
im getting off topic a bit here.<br />
a good thing to do , that i think has helped me a bit over the years is too just chat with people on line.<br />
kinda helps me get the feel for words, and how too be less shy.<br />
dont know if it will help you, just some friendly advice, from one socially awkward creep to another!

There is nothing wrong with being a bit shy as I like to call it, I don't think you are socially awkward. Perhaps you need a boost to your self-esteem, I often don't know what to say around people as well, but you try to make small talk and see where the conversation takes you. As for this guy you want to ask out, I say just do it, life is too short. You never know he could say yes and the worst he could say is no. Good Luck and always believe in yourself !!