Not Stupid.

So now I'm on an internship at a veterinary clinic and the lady who is my supervisor gave me a duty today and that was to place a label on a medicine bottle. Now she nor anyone else never did show me where the labels were kept so I was searching for a marker and she asked me what was i doing. So when i explained to her about the marker she told where the stickers were placed but under her breath I heard her mutter that "this girl acts like she has no sense>" To make matters worse there was a 3rd year veterinary university student there for medical practice and another girl from manhattan ( high school student). I'm positive they heard her because she they were close to her dispensing medication while I was flustering and looking like an idiot. The woman is short tmepered and because I don't talk a lot or have as much experience as the others she gives the impression that I'm retartded and speaks in my place sometimes becasue I don't say anything(particualry because I don't want to seem whiny or complaining a lot). There is also my facial expression which I 've already been told tooks as if I haven't got a clue as to what I'm doing but that's becasue I'm nervous inside even though I do know. She blew my self esteem today and I don't know what to do to prove to her that I work hard and for her to stop bullying on me. Aorund the other doctors I do work and really good too and they don't complain esp around my other co workers who compliment me, so why is it that this woman is trying to turn me into a clam, and drawing un necessary attention to me. It makes me scared becasue all the work that my phys, paxil and mom have done to get me to socialise somehow may relapse under this monster's ridicule. Please help. How can i prove to her that I'm not stupid. I wish she would give me a chance to porve to her.
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I hate people like that, I know exactly how you feel, I am a quiet person too and have had many people treat me like I am stupid at work or be extra hard on me just because I am not socially outgoing.