my boyfriend deployed about a month ago which is not too bad but ever since he left i have felt like i have lost touch with everyone around me my dad is like a stranger, my mother picked up and moved to idaho now i am unable to see my little brothers whenever i talk to them on the phone they are very distant which is horrible because we used to be so close  i try to make it to as many family functions as possible but miss alot because i work so much and even when i do go i feel weird and out of place i used to be so close to everyone but i just feel like i lost everyone somewherre
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

i can sympathise with you totally,my partner works in afgahnistan,hes been there for 6 weeks and has another 6 to go before i can see him again,i moved to scotland last year,so i am now an hour away from my family,i find it really hard to make friends,i have been here a year and i still have no girlfriends,or any kind of a social life,my world revolves around the house,the kids,and talking to my partner once a need to get out and about,join a gym,go to the library,just give yourself some activities to do i should be taking my own advice really,but i guess im always going to be this way,your still really young,you can get out of this mindset,i hat being this way,and i try to encourage my kids to do as much as possible in their lives,the more you do it the easier it gets,i hope to be going to college soon,so maybe my social life will pick up from there,but whatever you do dont give in to those negative feelings,you will see your boyfriend soon,maybe you could start a journal and write down whatever is in your head on a day to day basis,sometimes that really helps,and dont be discouraged by feeling distant from your family,we all need out family in our lives it must be difficult for them too,i wish you all the best...