I Hate Being In Public.

I am so awkward around people. I was never one to have many friends. All my life, every teacher I've had told my mom I was shy. All through middle school I only had a handful of friends. I always had extremely low self-esteem. I am now almost a senior in high school. I officially have no friends. I can't make new friends. When someone starts talking to me, I panic. I get nervous, my hands sweat, I blush involentarily(sp?), and I can't make eye contact. I think I have some form of social anxiety. I don't know what to do with that. If anyone calls my name, I freak out too. I dread talking to people I don't know. In sophomore year, I couldn't even talk to my few friends without having a mild panic attack. I avoid social situations. This is my "story".
shygirlxo shygirlxo
Jul 24, 2010