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I'm Weird Too...

I was brought up an only child by a hysterical, drunken mother.  Oh, and she was agoraphobic, too, so I never learned the "right" way to relate to people.  I have alienated every friend I've ever had, and lost countless jobs, but my defense mechanisms are so fixedly in place, that I can't "really" see myself as others see me, so don't seem to be able to fix anything.

   Amazingly, in spite of this, I was able to marry, and I have two kids - the girl and I don't get along (small wonder, huh?), but my boy is really easy-going so we have a great relationship.

  I can really relate to that "running with scissors" guy, Augustin Burroughs, because I feel like I'm from another planet too...
Mjoie Mjoie 51-55 2 Responses Dec 16, 2010

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I was raised by an alcoholic mother as well. Except she was far from agoraphobic..she was very social and the life of the party. Yet when it came to raising me she was very strict and domineering which might be why I was socially akward. The ironic thing is that she was one of the popular girls when she was in high school and I was one of the least. As an adult I have improved my social skills and am not really weird when you get to know me, but I can still to this day give off an akward first impression.

Me too! I feel out of place too! I am also an only child. I think not being properly socialized when you are younger leads to our so called weirdness.