Socially Stupid

I've been like this since I was in like third grade. I always overthought how I would introduce myself or what I was going to say to that person. With me, its kind of hard to be able to talk to easily. I have to feel comfortable with the person otherwise I just get stuttery and awkward. When I would work in groups, I'd always be the person that would be in the group but not talking as much. I dont like being in big groups. I'd rather get that person one-on-one because I know I'd be the one that would just be sitting there quiet if we were in groups. It really is crap because it kind of makes it hard to meet new guys or people in general. Somehow, though, I make it work and find people that I really "connect" with. These people are like my closest friends.....
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1 Response Jan 26, 2008

I am exactly the same way.