I'm An Aggressive Introvert?

im a weird mix i can't quite figure out.
im an extrovert in ways like..i open/manage coffee shops (customer service) I'm awesome at what I do but I lose patience with customers quite easily and i have a facial expression for every thought (which got me in a lot of trouble growing up)
In school I was always the outspoken kid and that would always get me into trouble - whether it was telling a bad joke or smoking in the bathroom.

I've moved across country by myself several times.. I'm very faced paced/drive fast/muti-task./usually have a prject going.
I'm single and I probably don't sound much like an introvert right?
heres the thing..
I don't have a ton of friends because I'm SOO socially awkward! There are literally TWO sides to me. At work and with the friends that know me or even around other socially awkward people I'm the talker, the joker and the witty one. I read a lot and have watched about every documentary known to man so I have an opinion on just about every topic and looove to talk about it.
But if you get me around people I don't know (or people that aren't socially awkward but super friendly)...I clamp up..I'm dumb..I'm weird and if I say anything, they are going to wonder what the hell I just said.. Especially around other girls (I'm a girl) I was raised by all men. My dad and two older brothers so that explains the aggressive go-getter I suppose..but that being the case I was neglected in a lot of ways because I was the random girl in the house and they didn't know what to do with me.. I was left alone and it created the 1/2 loner I am.

I am writing on here today I suppose because I've just moved to another state again where I don't know anyone. I met a group of people out (mix guys/girls) and I went out with them a few times to some bars and they were having a ridiculously great time.. I can't "fake" fun. In general I'm not a bubbly girl. I like to drink and have good conversations but I feel stupid hugging just anyone and laughing at everything and basically like 85% of the rest of the US. Close friends of mine tell me I'm socially awkward but because they know me they think its really funny.
I'm not bad looking and this usually gets me in the door to meeting people but staying in is a challenge. I just feel out of place where ever I am.
& how about meeting your partners family!?! I HAVE to be some sort of tipsy to get through those.

anyway..thats basically my delimma.
Jaeby Jaeby
1 Response Oct 30, 2011

You're not an introvert. Stop pretending to be one. <br />
There's a HUGE difference between being an introvert and having your own issues. Everyone is shy when it comes to meeting a new person, it's not like only introverts are socially awkward in different situations.<br />
<br />
"and looove to talk about it"<br />
Introverts are naturally quiet and they don't like to talk at all, it's draining.<br />
<br />
So please research before you label yourself in a group where you don't belong.