I Like Being Socially Awkward!

I truly do. It makes social situations feel less robotic, and sometimes it can be super hilarious. Human beings are strange and mysterious. I think alot of social anxiety comes from the belief that there is a correct way to act, correct things to say. This is not the case. I see social awkwardness as, uniqueness.

I've also found that pretty much everyone feels that they are awkward. It's endearing. I have some friends who are mega, uber extroverts. They are social butterflies who do amazing things like read their own poetry in front of groups of people or burst into spontaneous song in public. People who seem completely confident. And they consider themselves socially awkward. Not what you would typically think.

It just seems to be part of the human condition.

When I'm around people, I try to go easy on myself and on others, because I assume they think they're akward too. We're all trying our damndest not to let on. But I see the awkwardness all around! And I love it.  :> 
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i like your story. ill try to take it to heart and lock it up there. i'm afraid of humans and i don't know how to not be. i am an introvert and as far as i know asexual, but i like being around people and like to cuddle(with the right people). its very hard for me to understand myself and be ok

Yay! -awkward high five-<br />
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Me too! Reading this story was nice