More Funny Than Anything...

I love hanging with people and my friends and love being in crowds and such but when I'm with a small goup of people and I'm put on the spot, I turn into mush mouth off of fat albert haha. I don't know why or what causes this but I always say the wrong thing and then everyone thinks I'm an idiot. I have this friend and she's the same way and when we're together she's the awkward one and I'm the normal one lol. I'm working on myself and still figuring out who I'm really going to be in this world.I'm still working on being less awkward around people. So if I see you ever in person, I'm sorry in advance haha :)
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that is pretty funny actually, I personally am a the polar opposite . I thrive in intimate personal settings but I crumble in large group environments.. just goes to show how different people are!

have you seen the recent 30 rock?<br />
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