I Don't Fit Into Society

I am 26 years old, I work in tech support (that right there should tell you my social skills). I was that awkward kid growing up that everyone picked on, I don't know why but it made me very angry in life so now whenever i'm in a social situation I don't have a good time. I'm incapable of going to a bar and having fun, rather than enjoy myself I just get angry. and the more crowded it is the angrier i am.
In addition to always becoming angry when surrounded by large groups of people, even when i'm around people i'm comfortable with i'm waaaayyyy to honest, i will say anything that comes into my head without thinking about how it will make the other person feel.
I feel like no one will really give me a chance, I haven't even been able to get 1 date in the last 4 years, just recently I had met a very lovely young woman, she said she wanted to be friends first, so i was taking it slow but made my desire to eventually ask her out very clear and she said she was ok with that, and today i find out that after having turned me down on a few different occasions already today she accepted a date from some other guy. I mean am not even worth a shot. I've been so alone for 4 years, i'm not a bad person i just want a chance, but because of how awkward i am i just can't even get that chance i deserve. 
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1 Response Feb 28, 2012

I totally understand how u feel. I used to feel really angry too. I was angry at the world, pissed off with my crappy childhood. But that was just because i was keeping things bottled up. If you don't let out hot steam sooner or later ur gonna blow up (and usually at the wrong people). Find someone u can confide in (maybe a good friend or a relative? even a counsellor) and just let it all out. Cry if u need to as well. It may sound daunting and or embarrassing but trust me u will feel 1000 times better afterwards. Even u writing this is good, ur letting steam out=] Also u need to forgive the people that hurt you when u were a child. Holding a grudge is only hurting you further. The way they treated u was wrong and u probably didn't deserve it, but u have to let it go. Forgiveness doesn't mean that you agree with what they did, it just means that u now refuse to allow yourself to be shaped by how u were treated. Search this link: http://www.joycemeyer.org/Articles/EAArchive.aspx?tag=Anger all the best=]: xx