My Quirks.

I hate answering the door at home. If I don't know the person, I usually wont. Even if I do know them, I wont unless they were invited. I don't even like answering the door for delivery people, but I will out of necessity.

I don't like talking on the phone. There are only 2 people I will talk to on the phone on a regular basis and that is my sister and my boyfriend. I absolutely hate trying to come up with things to say on the phone. I hate having to listen to people go on and on. I hate the awkward escape from the phone call. I even hate having to call places for customer support or to order food. But again, I will out pf necessity.

I don't know what to say to strangers. I find it crazy how most people just come up with things to go on and on about. The most random stuff. How do you even think to bring some of that stuff up? I'm very succint when talking to strangers or anyone I don't feel comfortable with. I say what is necessary to say and that is it. I'm not this way with people I am close to, though.

I draw a blank when caught off guard. Just the other day I was in the city I grew up on and know like the back of my hand, I was walking down the street and a woman came up to me and asked me where a place I've been to many times was. I couldn't verbalize it. I stuttered and pointed "That way go down that street." She asked "Just walk down there?" I stuttered more and say "Yeah that street." and walked away hurriedly. I'm sure she thought I was a little retarded or something.

I feel awkward when I realize I'm making eye contact for some reason. I will do it subconciously, but when I realize it, I feel weird and I want to look away but I feel like I'm supposed to maintain the eye contact so I do. I start thinking about the eye contact too much and I lose track of what were even talking about.

I don't like asking for help, even when I really need it. I am terrible at math but in high school I would fail before I admitted to the teacher I needed help. I hate letting anyone see any weakness in me. I hate being looked down on or pittied or even just feeling there is a possibility of it.

I'm mean to men I don't feel comfortable around. I will act snobbish and rude if I feel threatened by them in anyway.

I don't like talking to people in general. I hate orderibg food at restaurants. I hate when people ask if I need help finding something in a store. I especially hate the stupid, boring, utterly pointless greetings and polite little pleasantries, unless it's someone I actually give a damn about and who actually gives a damn about me.

Hmm, written out, I seem quite unpleasant. I'm really not. I'm kind and cheerful most of the time. I'm just very anxious and easily uncomfortable.
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Omg everything u said is so me. I thought I was a weirdo. I hate answering the door. N I can't stand talking on the phone. I'm always texting. This is strange. All my quirks u have written down for me. ­čś│

Very familar with #s 2, 3, 4 and 5. Basically anything that involves spontaneous small talk is beyond me. I have to plan out what I'm going to say on the phone, and if I get an answering machine I'll hang up, maybe if it's important I''ll call back once I've decided what message to leave.

I've been trying to force myself to chat with strangers lately. It's mostly a matter of turning off the internal filter that says "that's too inane to be worth saying". Still can't do it for more than a couple of minutes though.

The eye contact thing is so annoying. Once I start thinking about it I can't stop -- am I staring? Am I looking at the floor? Is it normal that I keep looking at their mouth?

I never answer the door. If it's a delivery I'll wait for them to leave the package and then I'll go get it. I live in an apartment and won't even use the door intercom. When someone rings the apartment I look at the little speaker on the wall and a sense of fear just takes over. I even check to make sure the door is locked... Even tho they can't even get in the building unless I let em in. And as for the phone... Yeah, I don't even have one anymore.

This reminds me of myself.<br />
Except, for my job, I'm forced to do those "fake greetings" to people, and with this anxiety, I will, every once in a while choke on the words "How're you?" or "Have a good night." <br />
I feel embarrassed and stupid.

haha, yes!
it's so embarrassing.

wow.This pretty much describes it sucks but its kinda nice to know im not the only one

it's not true & not false to be over careful, here you described yourself as a nice person as far as i see & all you wrote contain clear direction that you're peaceful lady...

me, too. it sucks. it sounds like you described me just then. :(