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I'm So Nervous

Hi I'm 13 and I get scared even talking to the people in my class that have been with them basically my whole life sometimes even my mum I only really have one friend which is my cat I came on here to get more confidence in my self because I really want people to like me but they bully me instead please help me become more confident in myself
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if you want help message me, i was like you, and i am getting a lot better :) <br />
All i have is what i know though, so there are no guarantees on if i can help you or not :)

I'm past my teen-years now, but I still remember them just as you described. I was with the same class from pre-school through 5th grade. Then I moved, and I was with the same people from 6th grade all the way to the end of high school.<br />
<br />
Sometimes it's hardest to open up around the people you know best, that's why opening up here, among strangers, is so much easier. But you are young yet, stay strong, don't let it get to you, and be yourself no matter what anybody says.

I'm sorry that you get bullied. I think its really brave that want more confidence and came on here, and said that. Good job! I really hope that you get help and find a group of people that really do like you and don't bully you. Getting confidence in yourself is hard, but your doing really good asking for help. And the more you write stories and say how you are feeling, more and more people will like you. :)