Bully Victim

I would like to comment on myself as I read my paragraph . . I share this experience speaking through the person in me that wants to help those who deserve. As usual there is always something better to say, I am not looking for attention of any sort. I energize myself being alone or in company of family and one or two friend.
I was put down by one of my parents from 5 - 13, and bullied all through middle school. I have been told not to blame others for my actions, and I don't.. BUT these events I was put through has turned me into who I am today; socially awkward and almost hating the whole world. I have major trust issues because the person who is supposed to love me forever told me that "Love has conditions" and apparently I messed up. Now I want to socialize but it's like a voice in my head telling me no, you may get used and abused, but maybe that's what I want . . .
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I know what it's like to be put down especially by parents maybe not as bad as in your case, but it's fine. And sometimes even if you can't blame someone, they are to blame if that makes sense. All you can do now is try to findd a safehaven away from the noise.

Honestly don't let the ******* ruin your future. I was constantly bullied through my child hood until I hit high school and I introduced myself to makeup and a new style which is very girly and boy did I have all eyes on me constantly boys following me around like dogs. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT!! Things like " your fat""your ugly" "eww what are you wearing" "go away" is still stuck in my head constantly and sadly it ruined my relationship with my boyfriend and my self esteem is low still. I am battling an eating disorder and I am always worried about what people might think of me . Please don't let their words be in your head 24/7 because it will be there for the rest of your life and you can't have people like that bring you down. You are a beautiful girl and you need to show the world what your made of because someone will fall in love with you and sweep you off your feet when you show them your true self. Love yourself and love your body please.

Thank you there beautiful girl :)

I'm sorry to hear that you were bullied :(