Socially Awkward, That's Me...

I have always been socially awkward. My parents made me believe I was nothing, and that everyone hated me, so I acted accordingly. I am one of those people who watch the footpath when they are out and can't make eye contact. I get nervous talking to people to the point where I shake or sweat or avoid it completely. I mean, even thinking of things to say to people on here makes me feel nervous, like I'm going to slip up and look stupid.

It was ok in college. I faked it till I made it and I was actually outgoing and bright and fun and made friends easily and could talk to anyone and do anything. I loved it. But then I gained a whole lot of weight and it all just melted away until I was scared and awkward and hiding again. Having no idea what to say and being scared of approaching people. I feel like I've lost the art of communication. I used to eb really good at it, but now I stumble over my words and I'm terrorfied of conversation.

sugarburn sugarburn
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 10, 2008

just be yourself and allow words to come naturally.i am shy at times to,its ok were all ppl no one is better than anyone else. I know coming from a negitive background is hard, its harder for me too,but life is to short to not enjoy it and the good ppl you will meet who will accept you for the person that you are cm

Thank you :) thats really nice of you.<br />
Yeah, I know, no one can really help me but me. Its getting a little better...