I hate it. Awkward eye contacts, awkward silences, awkward conversations.. It's so difficult. And it's so hard to communicate with people, I'm the one that upsets the mood.
It makes me feel alone.
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Ha-ha-ha, actually, look at your Awkward Life experiences through positive lenses. I'm always labeled as the annoying one, so I thought: "well, maybe I should just make a funny list of my annoying traits/how I annoy people."
Like when I walk into an elevator, and face everyone, that just makes it awkward for THEM, which is quite amusing to me, because they can't do anything about it.

i can relate to what your saying - sadly,whilst i love meeting new people,a large part of me fears rejection,mis-understanding,or ill informed judgement,i think i can trace the origin of my problem back to early childhood,when i had sexual experiences with my mother,later when this fact emerged,she blamed me.I grew up with this **** deep in my mind,my parents split up and my mother slowly went crazy,once again it was my fault.we lived in a small community so you can imagine how this effected my upbringing and life in general and though ive never done anything like this to my own children and never would,it made me a suspect,another heavy burden to bear,and great incummberance in social situations,even though no-one has directly accused me of any wrong doings,its always in the back of my mind,does this person think im a blaa blaa blaa?If i was to rate my situation against physical dissability (which can be clearly seen therefore is treatable)id say my situation is more dis-ableing than many more obvious problems the human body can suffer from and my repeated attempts to gain some measure of understanding from the medical proffession have ended in drug prescriptions that dont work,so for anyone out there in similar situations to mine,remember this,your not alone,your not an alien,your one of gods children with every right to be welcomed and loved in society,ive made it to 52 years old,im the proud farther of three great grown up children whom love me as i love them so dont give up,hang in there you hear.

If you are feeling this way, don't be afraid to talk to a counselor at your school, or to a trusted friend or family member!! Talk about your feelings and see what you can do to change things. Don't ever beat yourself up, we all start out awkward. It just takes practice :) Be friendly, be a good person, have fun, ignore the haters, because that's what really matters anyway.

Just try not to be awkward and at least fake confidence for now. Keep practicing till you get better at social situations. Life is all about learning! Learn as you go and you'll get better. Stay positive, it's important!!

Hey Kev, I appreciate your positive spin, but think your message also fails to grasp the difficulty of living with social anxiety. I don't want to read into the original message too much, because it's fairly sparse. But having lived with social anxiety for most of my life, I can attest to the fact that it really isn't as easy as just "being friendly" or "having fun."

My anxiety started when I was 10 or so, and ever since that time I have found even the simplest relationships a near impossibility to maintain. I try so hard to make people like me, overcompensating for the fact that I'm terrified they will discover I actually have nothing to say. I've had almost no close friendships and have become fairly socially isolated (and definitely socially awkward) because being around others is just so draining.

Now at 26, it does seem to be getting slowly better. But I still spend most of my time alone. And I still find friendships difficult to start and even more difficult to maintain. It can be very lonely. The positive spin is that because I've spent so much time alone, I've been forced to look deep within myself and acknowledge some very core pieces. It seems my deep-seated fears are proving the catalyst for a tremendous amount of personal work and growth. And so, in the end, I really can't complain.