So Awkward - Everyday - Multiple Times

Yesterday - we were at a birthday party, and my husband was trying to get a family picture with my in-laws, us and our 4 year old. Of course I had to ask this nice lady whom we had just met and whose daughter was playing with my son if she wanted to join us! And worse, the photographer wants to take us to a separate room with a better view. Now the poor lady is trying to act like she is running for her other child so I will just leave her alone.

Another incident in the same scene, I say hello to an elder family friend whom I do not know much. And she responds hello. I smile. She does too. Stare. Stare. Yup, end of conversation. Just plain stare and look around. And we nod and walk away.

Things like this is my everyday happening.

Much WORSE things happen to me when I start to talk. Lady I met during a baseball game was telling me about herself and reveals her brother died last year, I did not hear well, and said "Oh nice!!!". Good thing I asked her to repeat when I saw her face change and apologized instantly.

ItsNotFar ItsNotFar
Nov 26, 2012