Awkward Me

Sometimes I wish I were more like my brother and sister because im truly the most awkward person ever.
Even though I would hang round the popular ones in high school, I never said a word. Ever. I'd always try and make conversation but it would always come out random or really stupid, I'd stutter alot aswell. They used to make fun of me for being so damn quiet and having no personality, which I know I don't have.
I met this boy at a club. We started talking, I went to then see him one day. I knew he liked me but I didn't know how to show my emotions or affections. There was jus this awkward silence at his house I just didn't kno what to say to him. He probably thought I was weird as he kept trying to make convo, but I just replied one word answers . I was shocked he askd to see me again, as I did like him but things obviously didn't work out. Everytime I walk down the street, I don't know whether to look at the floor or at something. If someone is walking towards me, I get nervous and start to think of whether to look away or at the person. It's gotten so bad I try avoid conversation with my brother because I hate social interaction.
I only have one true friend I went high school but she's very social and confident. I just get lost in what to say and do around people.
I get the coldness from my dad but he's not awkward. Hate being like this
ladi94 ladi94
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013