I Can Never Do Anything Right!

Socially, I'm always messing up. I say the wrong thing. I trip over my words. I laugh to much. I can never explain myself well. I don't know when to shut up. To top it all off, I'm weird! I'm a teen girl who wears Wolverine footed pajamas with pride for goodness sakes.
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

you will be ok you are at a very tough age hopefully you will get stronger with time if not seek a little help, whatever will help you get over the hump we are all the same ppl no one is any better than you lol vinny

I can relate.......except for the wolverine pjs xD I try to make conversation with friends at parties/get togethers or with my parents' friends if we're hosting a party/get together but I always end up stuttering and try to explain what the hell I'm talking about and ill get weird looks like their saying "are you on something?" Or even if I don't stutter or anything I still get WTF looks; I don't know why that happens its so frustrating