Socially Awkward Without Meaning To

I don't mean to be socially awkward when it comes to a party at a friend's house or anywhere else but no matter how much I try not to be it always happens and its irritating and I end up humiliating myself and I just get weird looks that says "are you on something?" Lol xD all I do is try to fit in and make conversations but end up failing and all I want to do is run and hide and never come out so thats why I'm always the quiet one and everything is ok; I know I shouldn't do this because I need to get out and have fun but I just feel like if I stay put at home ill be safe and I don't have to deal with any of that
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18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 31, 2013

My best advice, from one shy person to another, is to stop trying. That awkwardness has a lot to do with a lack of practice and forcing a conversation will only make you say something you're going to regret hehe. Be comfortable with silences, be confident, own all your quirks, relax, and try to enjoy everyone's company. I think the best advice anyone ever gave me was not to try to be an interesting person but to be helpful and knowledgeable in a way that makes you an interesting person.

Staying in is fun, but don't stay in just because it's safe. Deal with it and move onto the next challenge! Onwards :)

If you had the choice, if you could be quiet and nobody would mind, would you be happy with that? Or do you wish you were confident and outgoing?