Of Course You Are Too.,

I don't think that some one would spend time on this site at all if they weren't socially awkward.  So, if you are reading this, then I think it is only fair that you too join this group.  Thank you.

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To be honest, I'm not actually socially awkward. I'm more socially forward (; <br />
No, not really..(unless you're special...or smexy?) . I came across this only coz i had a sleep paralysis episode and I was trying to research bout it..and off this chat popped. :D ...just saying, not everyone who's here is socially awkwarde.

I don't think I'm too socially awkward, just having an incredibly lazy phase in life.

You're right, but i think i still need time to think about joining this group :P

fair enough...... I just joined.... thanks for the rec :o)<br />
<br />
AND, now that I see I commented a year and a half ago, I'm wondering why I didn't join then.... must have been delusional :o)<br />
<br />

yep you said it right!

Damn, ya caught me. Now this is awkward... eh.. um... yeah.

I'm here because it's NOT facebook or myspace or any of those other sites. The people on here actually talk about actual issues and concerns instead of the usual "join my online farm game" stuff. God, I hate that crap! But, I do have to agree with Pixie87....some people are isolated and ugly...hell, some of those people are isolated BECAUSE they're ugly! LOL! Perhaps I'm one of them and I just don't know it yet?

i agree, facebook sucks, it's like mtv, and ep is the discovery channel

I agree! For the most part, if you're on EP, there's a reason for it, and it can't just be because you're bored. EP is for the misfits of the internet :)

OK, you got me, I CAN be socially awkward... But mostly I'm here because I'm tired of every friend I make using and taking advantage of me... E-friends are better...!

Oh, come on! Some of us are Geographically Isolated, or hideously ugly;) I don't know...

We are all this way at some time or another.