Thanks, Serotonin.

 Oh yes, I am socially awkward. Some of my friends joke with me about it, but it's so true. A lot of it is because I have Social Anxiety Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder thanks to a lack of serotonin in my brain. And, let's face it, I'm just dorky. ;)

It used to bother me a lot in middle and high school, but I've recently become borderline-okay with it. I still have a lot of issues with some social interactions (case in point: at the age of 20, I've never had a boyfriend). However, I have made progress. I'm very involved in my preprofessional program in college, and I do go out occasionally... very occasionally. Hey, I'm going to 80s night at a club tonight! That's gotta count for something, right?

My social habits could improve, but I'm working on it, and for the time being, I'm doing alright.


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Thanks, SecretKinkster and DiscoveryChick! I appreciate it :)<br />
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You sound like a very smart person who has a good sense of yourself. No one believes me now (not that I brag about it), but I was very socially akward until sometime in college. And then, I began to take chances, and slowly, I became more of the "real" me. <br />
Try moving out of your comfort zone more and you'll see that what you fear is most unlikely to happen. And you'll feel a sense of accomplishment that will trun into confidence.<br />
Good luck, you can do it!

I think it sounds like you're doing more than just all right, you're doing GREAT!! Keep it up, keep chipping away, Jennie.<br />
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And I think dorky is very cool, btw.

Thanks for the advice, but I take an SSRI (a type of antidepressant) for my OCD and anxiety disorders. It hasn't solved all my problems, of course, but it's helped me so much. I figure the rest of the symptoms I'll just deal with. :)<br />
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You might try St Johns Wort and Omega oils for the low serotonin levels. People with depression often appear irritable and have difficulty in interacting with others. Hey, us grumpy folks need love too, don't we? Remember if the above remedy works on you, it will do so gradually. Therefore if things seem to be going better for you after you take them they are probable working and you need to continue taking them.