Holy crap,
Why am I freaking out so much about going to orientation? I mean it's irrational there's nothing to be scared of, yet I'm afraid of the people. The people I don't know. But then usually I'm worried about the people I do know. Orientation is in two days and I'm very nervous. I wanna say terrified but that would be a bit much. GAH.
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2014

Hey calm down, 'tis gonna be alright, don't get so worked up over it, have faith in urself! Orientation classes are there for this very purpose they'll help u settle in ur new classes!

I don't understand myself xD no idea why I'm so worked up haha

Because you're shy and intimidated by others? Don't think about it too much. The day usually passes before you know it. Try and make an effort and just smile and socialize!

Haha ah but it's three days xD

Skip around the house and sing "wrecking ball" and you shall be good.

Haha that.
That really helped, no lie xD
Just that image in itself somehow cheered me up about this hahahah