I'm Not Stupid, Just Socially Retarded!

oh yeah i would definitely call myself socially awkward. sometimes when i'm talkin to people, i just have no idea how to respond to what they say. and when i talk, i get really nervous and forget my point, so i come off as very incoherent. my saving grace is that i'm weird, and people tend to be more forgiving to weird people, especially if you seem to embrace your weirdness.

bouncyinlowgravity bouncyinlowgravity
1 Response Mar 15, 2009

lmao...I used to be like that, and I still am at times. It's gotten better because I'm on meds for depression and that was part of my problem with being "socially retarded"--hahaha. But actually if you realize that nobody's out to shoot you down and that you should just relax and be yourself--as weird as you may be, you won't be as awkward. :)