Anyone Up For the Challenge?

Oh     My     God!   I didn't realize that there were so many people who felt like me!  My co-workers seem to scatter when I walk into the eating area. They could be in a middle of a good conversation and 'POOf' they are gone or they get quiet. This happens all the time, so I know it's not all in my mind. If I happen to be with a group of people, everyone has someone to talk to except for me. It's like I'm waiting for the opportunity to have my turn, but it never comes. If I run into people that I know out in public, I can carry on a conversation for about 4 minutes, but that's it. Most of the time I'm feeling awkward. I'm a man of few words. I try to keep up with current events, but that doesn't seem to work too well. I guess people want to appear that they are smarter than you, but I don't want to be fony just so they can feel comfortable with themselves. But there are a lot of the times that I am dumbfounded and don't have a clue. Darn! I should have finished college! Someone should start up a "Socially Awkward Group Convention" that consist of all kinds of people; rich, middle class, blue collar, poor, educated, uneducated, getting educated, any race, so on and so forth. We would get together once a year and just live it up responsibly. It would include kareoke, banquet, concert, contests, dancing, prize give aways, just some suggestions. I don't have experience in getting something together like that, or I would try it myself. Anyone would like the challenge?

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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

i am alone alot of the time and i find that when i see people i talk and talk and talk. I have a problem being quiet i always have something to say, people always end up laughing when i am around them but im not really trying to be funny. I do have a habit of saying what other people only think its childlike really. I went to a party on saturday and as two people came in one said oh im avoiding you, then the other said ahhh vicky like i was poorly and sick!. Then as i went to leave they all got upset and the same person who said im avoiding you said oh i was planning on having a deep and meaningful conversation, i wasnt sure how to take it. I think what i am saying is i cant be anything other than me. Im not argumentative but... i do have a lot to say. (i am outspoken).<br />
I like quiet people!.