Shy And Dont Have Friends

well , i dono how to start , but anyway , im 19 and i go to college. i dont talk to anyone in my class and i dont have any real friends.

i just dont know why im like that, socially akward and shy , i mean i didnt have any problems in my chilhood or even now , my family always supported me en every step in my life, my parents are so openminded , i mean i shouldnt be that way^¿¿ it probably doesnt make any sense to u but it just hurt so bad when u feel lonely , dont have any friends and cant do nothing to fix it

well , i  just feel that aint got any social skills , in fact , i dont . i think one of the reasons is cuz i live away from my family now, and it just dont feel good

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4 Responses Feb 20, 2010

thx for the comment , i apreciate it ^^ , <br />
i think i dont wana be rejected or pushed away by others , thats the main reason i dont talk to people that much , so i dont have to deal with this feeling , but ill try to fit and just talk tp people and try to get to know them

just know that it is hard for EVERYONE to get used to new surroundings and to make friends. but you need to find some common ground with somebody or else you'll go crazy. don't worry about being cool.spend all the time you can doing activities with others, even if you don't consider them your friends or you think its awkward socially. join clubs. anything that gets you around people (which is what you are afraid of, whether you know it or not). no one is judging you, they are just trying to do the best for themselves and unless they are really nice will not show any sympathy to you. at college i ate alone every day for two years. really try and force yourself to go out and make friends. good luck and enjoy =)

thx for the comment , yea well i try to make friends too but it just aint easy, just dont know how to start a conversation or so ,

I feel that way all the time. I'm in highschool though. Plus my dad was a total cold piece of **** to me. That's why I'm like this. But you know, I do try to make friends. I'm just too wierd for anybody to get.