Right Now.

Ok, so there's this girl I like in a roleplaying group I'm a part of. I am actually so bad at talking to girls that after I sent her a message she hasn't been online all day. I hope she's just doing something important and not avoiding me. ****, if I mess this up I swear I'll start to feel suicidal. She was a real good friend and screwing up our friendship will be worse than her just flat out rejecting me. I'll keep you updated.

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4 Responses Feb 28, 2010

No response from her. Message is pretty clear now. I'm getting over her. No reason for moping around.

Hey, if **** happens, it happens. Nothing I can do about it so why should I be bitching about it? If she doesn't like me big deal. I get over stuff pretty fast anyways. I just let out all my emotions at once so I don;t have to do it later. Makes my life a lot easier. Anyways, if she ends up with me I'll be happy, if not I'll get over it. I don't see any reason to be pissed more than one day. Every day's new right?

Well, still no activity from her. Even the alternate character's activity stopped a bit ago. I guess my next step is this: no response by tomorrow and I'll stop beating myself up over it. I'll just forget about it all. If she ignores me so what, I'm not going crazy over a girl I don't really know. In fact, her friend's kinda cute ;) Either way, thanks for all the views. i seriously didnt expect anyone to read this. But, on the slim chance I do get something started with her I will be pretty damn happy.

She's ignoring me. Had the damn audacity to stay on her other character profile so she wouldn't have to respond to my email. You wanna know HOW I know she's ignoring me? She commented on a post I made with her other character!!!! She must be really going out of her way to ignore me or she's just not been on the original profile in about 4 hours. FML I'll I even asked in this email was her real ******* name too.