I find it hard to hold up a normal conversation with people when all they talk about is everyday life, mostly because I`m lacking in a life of my own(yeah yeah I admit it). It's also hard to talk to people when all you have is your self-centered depression issues going through your mind all the time. In conversations, you're expected to have something either interesting or smart to say, and I can do neither. I can't relate to what anyone else says, and when I listen to people talk all i can think about is how unbelievably wrong I think they are about like, everything. The worst part is, I'm super awkward, and paranoid about it, and it really shows. oh, it's so hard to live with humans..

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That's the good thing about writing. It can be a very theraputic release. You have to realize though, experiencing life has as much to with relationships (how you communicate with others and how others communicate with you) as it does with events and milestones. Learning to get over yourself and give to others is part of the process of being human. All this comes from a very pessimistic, anti-social, once mute and depressed gal! :) Best wishes.

my thoughts exactly.<br />
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sometimes I force myself to play along with the humans mindless conversations, but mostly I say nothing, and just look forward to when I can actually get away from them and speak my own language with the few people that get me.

well im much the same as you r porcelainalien