The Perfect Me

i have always been a "quiet" boy all my life, to the point where i was really depressed and cried almost every night about my lonliness.

for five years i didnt have a social life throughout secondary school.

however i hated people who kill themselves, they are pathetic. however several months back i understand my true self. i hate people. i hate man. i went to the doctor who thought i have anxiety disorder however i was diagnosed a narcisstist personality disorder. unlike most i embrace the title as something to be worthy, a place above the common and boring man.

personally i dont see the need for friends, relationships. even my family i ditest. i love that i can make people believe what i want them to believe. even when i told my girl friend that i loved her, she said the same to me. however she means nothing to me apart from our times of intimacy. you could say i am "using" her. but i will get rid of it once i have had my fun.

you see i enjoy hurting people, there emotions are jokes to me. even to the point where the most horrific news of murders and rapes pass me by. sometimes i even find it funny when children have there brains blown out by lunatics.

anyway i was losing track. i keep away from humanity. im not depressed or anxious anymore to which is great. i do feel bad when i dont get the attention i am deserved however i have no intentions of making friends or loving my family.

thank you my dear fans for listening to my story i posted this simply to out story you all you loning pathetic excuses for humans.
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Jan 19, 2013