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Hi my name is Dottie.  I had many  friends as a child and teenager.  I went to nursing school at the age of 23 to become an Rn.  I then married at the age the age of 26.  I had my first child at 27, my second at 28, and my third at 30.  I worked weekends for many years so I could be with the kids during the week.  I had a few friends but one moved away and the other was so mentally abusive to me I cut off the relationship.  So from age thirty on I haven't had any friends at all.  I spend my time on ebay or reading.  I have tried to find a friend many times but it doesn't work out.

I usually don't have much to say and I think I bore most people so they drift away from me.  Sometimes I wonder why I was put on this earth. All my children are grown and have gone through many troublesome time..and I along with them.  I have 7 beautiful grandchildren.  I would love to have at least one friend that I can feel comfortable with and go once with once in a while

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.







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Do you read or garden? Many towns have clubs where you could meet others who have some similar interests and learn at the same time.
Church or poetry groups may help you mingle with some randoms which might be interesting. If you have time and money, a class a community college in a subject which interests you may help you meet people. Consider new hobbies, such as knitting or papercraft or glassblowing, usually these hobbies have groups and communities that welcome new members and provide a friendly environment. Apologies if this was not a helpful post. As a last thought, maybe going and volunteering at a shelter or soup kitchen would help to meet some interesting new people.

Hello Dottie. I realise your original post is nearly a year old but hope you are still here checking in. <br />
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Feel in similar situation, life revolved around what everyone else needed/needs from me and somehow i''ve ended up feeling constantly isolated. Worse, and no one to blame but myself, i find it so hard now to make the efffort... <br />
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Like you, it would be nice to have regular contact with a real friend, someone who is there when you need them , (and visa versa), and available for an occasional outing/meal/movie/coffee whatever, but isnt wanting/needing to overtake your life.<br />
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Would be very interested in getting to know you better if your interested.

hi dottie, im 33 years old, and i have no true friends. i used to have quite a few. but i lost them all somehow. i was kind,giving,fun and a real friend. i have been through some pretty tough times that have slowly changed me. i guess im boring now, because the only 2 people i still talk to (only) call when they need to know how to fix their car...(im good with cars) they make up excuses not to visit. then i find out they went somewhere else...every time. its hard but i am learning not to blame myself. who needs insensitive using liars anyways? point being...dont blame yourself, people are selfish!

do you have any hobbies or anything? If you're into crafts or whatnot try signing up for a class and talk to people there with a similar interest, just talk about the project and ask them if it's their first time doing it or if they've done something like it before. and go from there.