It's Not So Bad

 To be honest though, it's of my own will. I prefer to keep to myself, it's much less frustrating for me.

Several reasons, I guess. I can't talk to people, I have no social graces so my 'social' conversations usually consist of a lot of stuttering and nerves. I can't approach people, it feels imposing to me and I don't really like being approached myself :P

I don't like being recognized.

It's actually kinda funny :P At least when I'm on the computer, I can somewhat talk to people, I can formulate sentences, and not sound like a babbling mess, hahaha.

I'm just suited more for a 'by myself' kind of lifestyle.

18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

i agree, i'm exactly the same x

Text really is a great way to communicate! I don't have a stuttering problem specifically, but I can always "feel" my face, and it feels tight like I can't completely relax when I'm around people (self-conscious? maybe...). When you type there's all this time to re-word and perfect what you're trying to say.