Blogspam: Hikiculture Admin Strongly Suspected Of Spamming

Details here:

Tumblr link (same content) if you prefer a white background and Disqus commenting (although as of this post, there have been some problems with Disqus comments getting through):


"I will also try to post this link in several social media sites so for those who are reading this that are not Hikikomori or do not care for the English-speaking Hikikomori community, my apologies for blogspamming in your favorite sites. I just felt this issue was serious enough to "report" as to keep future Hikikomoris from (possibly) being associated with a spammer."

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1 Response Oct 29, 2009

It does belong here because it is an experience by a Hikikomori.<br />
<br />
You cannot treat the forest like a tree.<br />
<br />
When something occurs in a community, it is only proper to warn the rest of the community.<br />
<br />
Anyone can go read the details and decide for themselves but censorship (as has been the original issue with the deletion of the post in the discussion board of Wikipedia) increases the risk of future problems rather than reduces it.