I Only Really Have 4

I have 4 great healthy beautiful kids.  My kids have friends, and they have a mother too.  I am actually the one who really takes care of them.  They come over here first thing in the morning , they are here till the sun goes down.  We make sure they have dinner and if they havent had breakfast then we feed them.  They never know where the mother is and i am always here.  I have started to claim them as my own, there are three of them plus my 4 kids.  Full house?  Yes , it isnt easy, but the truth is that everytime i cok it always seems as if there is just enough for them too .  God fed the mulitudes with very little, i think it was 2 and 2.  Maybe i am not right about the number but i know it was very little.  The point is that when i think there isnt enough He always makes a way.  these kids are good kids and they are now apart of my family.  I pray for them and for there mother, i know she is not in to anything good, they barely see her and it is because she is not around.  The grandmother takes care of them, and I am here too , please pray for them.  They are not the only ones in this world who need a second family.  I am only one person and cant take them all in but man would i love to .  Very sad indeed, but we can make a difference no matter how small it seems.
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2 Responses May 9, 2007

that is so amazing of you ...the world needs more people like you !!!!!!!!!

How wonderful of you to care for those children like you do! It is sad when these children today don't have either parent around. I have seen that a lot. Kids whose mother is away or out all the time and its usually sadly drug related. You have a wonderful heart to do all that you do! God Bless you!