But Please Don't Try To Call Me Now..hehhee :d. Just Kidding. :d

I think it's because I don't like to say NO to anyone. On the other hand I mostly don't call anyone after 11 PM. I don't like to bother anyone.
But anyone can call me anytime at any place. I am an easy going person. I have received calls while I was bathing, driving (don’t try this one :D, I stop the vehicle and then receive the call.), having breakfast, lunch, dinner, while watching “The Simpson” :D, sometimes at 3 am, sometimes early morning 5 or 6 am. Friends call me anytime, even sometimes people with whom I rarely talk, call me for some help. I don't mind. In fact I like it this way. :D.

PS: Please ignore any grammatical mistakes. I am not that good in English.
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You are better at English that some people that were born here, speaking it their whole lives :P, I think you are good at English. Your life sounds interesting!

I think it is flattering when people call you at 4 in the morning because they need to talk to you. They know you won't mind, and you two are close. Either that, or they have no sense of time, a normal sleep schedule or when other people will be asleep.<br />
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I like helping other people, so I don't mind if people call. I hate to see people alone, without a single friend.<br />
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On the other hand, If they call because they want something from you, that's another story. Then they need manners.

hey I understand you. I also like it when my frs call me no matter what time is it. Actually it makes me kind of happy because this way I know that they count on me. But i wouldn't call any of my friends during the night I'm afraid they'll say that i'm bothering them.