My Adult Son Woke Me Up At 4 In The Morning To Tell Me He Was Going To Commit Suicide

I am so grateful that he felt he could do this.  

After getting help and a few hours of medically induced solid sleep his mood substantially improved.

One week later, he has written a song, joined a new sport and lost 4 kgs of weight.
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I want to just thank you all for your comments and support. I have not had enough emotional stamina to reply to each one; I am sure you will all understand. But thank you for caring enough to read this and offer a word of comfort, understanding and love. Thank you most of all for your prayers which really do help so much.

I think I have said to you before how God works in mysterious ways, after your story I am really a believer, I'm so glad that your son has a mother like you Ms P. and bless him for coming out the other side of the darkness into a new world for him to enjoy.

I don`t know why you have been given so much to bear; it seems unfair, but thank God you are able to handle it. I read somewhere that God never asks more of us than we can do; I pray that he will give you strength and happiness to your family. <br />
I`ll mail you shortly.

It's been a loooong past couple of weeks, but it's so wonderful to see him recovering so well. Thanks be to God! You have really had your crosses to bear, dear sis, but as J said, he doesn't think he could go through with it because of the love he has for, and receives from his family, and because of his Faith. Without those things, I shudder to think....

I am so pleased to read that your story has a happy ending, perseverer! It is a testament to your wonderful mothering that You have such a close relationship with your children, allowing such open communication of desperate feelings.

Dear Perseverer,<br />
what a blessing that your son actually woke you up! And good on him for doing all those positive things. Keep up the communication. I think those that actually do go ahead and commit suicide are the ones that feel that nobody is there for them. Obviously he knows that you are there for him (even at 4 in the morning!) What a bond you must have with each other! God bless