Manning The Helpline

My life seems to revolve around being able to help others. I am a recovering alcoholic, and have been sober since April 12, 1994. In the past 18 years the thing that has done the most to keep me sober is to help others. For about 11 years I manned the helpline for the local Central Office of AA. on Wed nights. What that entailed was at 5:00 pm on Wed I would transfer the phones from the office to my home, untill 8:00 am the following morning. It is amazing how my problems could shrink down to nothing after listening to someone else whose life was in a lot more turmoil than was mine.

One memorable experiance was the time I was in the hospital, because I no longer wanted to live. I didn't want to drink, but I was very tired of my life. On Sunday there is an AA meeting in the hospital, and I was allowed to attend. When the meeting started they asked if anyone had a topic they wanted to talk about. I stood up, and explained my situation. The first person to share was an elderly gentelman who said "Kathy I hope that you can pull through this because I haven't had the chance to thank you for saving my life on the phone one night." That statment made me realize that I was serving a purpoes, and could be of some value.
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Miss cowgirl you have such a blessed life. I am so glad you can see the brightness you have shared with another person. Please dont anything dim your light... we need it and so do you.

I knew that there was a reason I liked you so much

AWSOME! really that is wonderfull if you came to earth just to save that one man your life has not been in vain. My drug of choice is to help others. We seem to have quite alot in common actually probably why we get on so well. The way I see it is God give you favour with man/woman and it is like you have speak to me written on your forhead. People just open up to you and you able to speak to them and I love it.