I Am

I'm always going to be there for my friends no matter what time it is.  When things are looking bad, I'm someone that my friends can talk to and I let them all know that.  It doesn't matter what the problem is, either.  Besides, it's the nighttime when problems seem like they've gotten 10 times worse, and the later you stay up the worse you feel.  Four in the morning is probably one of the most crucial times when someone may need a friend to listen to them, and  I'm there.

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6 Responses Feb 20, 2009


Why can't their be more people like you?!? I wish I had a friend who loved me, even at four in the morning.

hehe it's okay, you could still call even if it wasn't an emergency

i still wouldnt call you at that time unless it was an emergency!

hahaha no I didn't! <br />
<br />
I did get my Lakers fan card back though :)

I called and you said: "Eric, you're an idiot, go away, and give me my Lakers card back!" <br />
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