I Always Have Been,

And I always will be.
My phone is always on, never on silent.
My friends, my family know, that even if they just need to hear a friendly voice at stupid o'clock at night/in the morning, they can call me, I don't sleep much anyway ;)

TheBlimey TheBlimey
18-21, F
5 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Well, the majority of my friends, and myself for that matter, have to get up around 6 to be able to get ready and get to classes on time, and then a lot of us will work after school til around 9/10pm, soo rest isn't something we're all that familiar with haha.


No, I would call you at 11pm here. Heeheeeeee.

Hahaha, it'd be 9am here anyway by then, but whatever time you called me to say that you'd get the same reply.<br />
"Feck off ya crazy yank!"...<br />
Ok, ok. Maybe something more along the lines of "KITTAAAAAYYYYY I love oo."

If I had your number, I would call you at 4am. Every morning. Just to say "Beckaaaaaay, I love ye."