Open Up,, Speak Loud

Some experience depression, hatred and sadness
and some open up to the people they trust
but some don't..
that someone cannot open up because
they don't trust people about their secrets
they might experience betrayals and sad moments
that lead them to hating having a physical contact or
talking, I was like that before
because some people betray me, but then
i learned to forgive and it helps me feel relief
opening up to my friends is the best technique for me
to release something that is raging inside of me
so.. those who want to open up,,
or having problems
don't be shy to release it,,
it will keep you struggling from living life easy..
but also,, you need this person to prove themselves
that they can be trusted ,,
Open Up,, Speak for yourself,,
and if you want to say it out loud ..say it,,
Don't let the anger, fear eat you
they're just threatening you but they will not,
wound you,.,,, just say it,,
enjoy the feeling of relief :)
SecretWriter7 SecretWriter7
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012