Yeah Don't Deny It You Know Me

This is hard to say but my mom denied her own daughters (my siser and I) 5 times on a legal document. WOW that hurt!
That was the straw that broke my back. Up to then I had been the peacemaker, the person to help others understand and forgive her bizzare behavior. The hand of grace left me on that day!

The truth is she is/was my mom and missed out on my love.
She has given me powerful lessons I couldn't learn anywhere but from her.

If I deny that person inside me, the one that is with me 24/7 I am going to be missing out on one amazing friend!
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She was a runaway mother. She left several times and the 3rd time she left she took all my money in a strange town we just moved to. In a way she set me up for the denial and it didn't hit me hard until I got help for all the abuse when she abandoned me the first time with the guardians from hades. <br />
<br />
But it did bring me to the point of getting help and stopping the cycle of abuse/victim in it's tracks. Her irresponsible cruel acts pushed me to take time to get help and create a better life... different from those who hurt me. . . and for that I am grateful. It proves that people who do not get help like my mom and the other abusers are destined to keep the cycle going. If that doesn't speak volumes to anyone abused or even an abuser then probably NOTHING WILL.

Its amazing the lessons you learn and what form they come in. Been through some myself that created senceless pain but very , very valuable lessons that cant and would not be taught elsewere.<br />
Good luck!

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Yeah it was but it was an odd feeling. I was very calm and felt very sad for her.

Wow what a powerful story. I can't imagine what that must feel like. You sound like a wonderful person I wish you the very best!