~ Who You Would Be Lucky to Know ~

~ Let's hear for ME! I'm SOMEONE AWESOME! Agree? - Or DIE!~ Mahahahahah!!!

  • I have natural brown hair
  • Weight in at a hefty 300.2lbs (better be strong darlin';])
  • Live for my family. My mom is EVERYTHING
  • I am a great friend........Just ask my circle. lol
  • I'm old fashioned & love deeply.

~ The greatest thing about me? ---- I'm seeing it, for the FIRST time in a really LONG time. I KNOW I'm great. That I deserve all the happiness I can find & hold on to. That my past didn't destroy me.........It really did make me stronger. For me, that's the best thing I can think of........ That I am no longer BROKEN. Just a little cracked. Mahahahahaha!!!! ~

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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

You are a great, I agree